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❝ I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?

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Maraming pagbabago sa buhay ko ngayon. My positive at may negative. Pero thankful pa din ako. Kasi yung negativeparang gagawin ko nalang na challenge at yung positive i’mamaintain ko at mas iimprove pa :)

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❝ Don’t wanna waste my time to those useless people
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I’m inspired

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Goodmorning :)

Fighting this people who don’t have other business than to make stories about us, I don’t give a damn!

I’ll just give you a sharp look. Hope you get it. Hindi naman siguro kayo bobo noh?

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I’m in my room, so sleepy. I never regret drinking much alcohol kasi kahit papaano nag.enjoy ako kahit hindi ko ugali ang maglasing haha

I’m born with this alcohol allergy so I should bare it haha

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❝ I wish I have no feelings at all
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❝ Everything will fall into place, be patient.
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So proud talaga ako sa aking younger sister :)

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❝ …but now I know there is something blacker than desire.
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❝ I blog about feelings
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Happy 21st! :)

Thank you God sa another year of life. I am very much blessed with your love and those people you’ve gave to me as my friends, peers and family.

Thank you mama for coming with me in the church, for the treat in jollibee. I love jollibee!

For my friends, jologhaiz, and bestfriend thank you for the long messages :) really appreciated it!

Thank you peers for coming and celebrating with us our birthday and giving us a surprise cake. So much joy I felt on that evening!

I hope this would not be the last :) THANK YOU!

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Happy birthday to us :)

#21st #birthday #twins #apart (at Pawing Palo Leyte)

Happy birthday to us :)

#21st #birthday #twins #apart (at Pawing Palo Leyte)

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